Miles Criminal Law

Miles Criminal Law
Kimberly Miles | Criminal Defence Lawyer | Barrie

  Effectively protecting your rights for all criminal offences.

Criminal Lawyer in Bradford

Have you been charged with a criminal offence in Bradford?  Your first step is to contact a criminal lawyer to defend you.  Kimberly has many years of experience defending clients, whether adult or youth, on all types of criminal charges.

Before your first appearance at the Bradford Courthouse, consult with Kimberly.  Appointment times are flexible depending on what fits your schedule.  Every case is unique, so Kimberly will sit down with you to establish an appropriate retainer agreement that suits your financial situation depending on how you wish to proceed with your case.  Kimberly also accepts legal aid certificates from any Bradford client that needs a criminal lawyer.  

Having to deal with a criminal matter can be stressful enough, and Kimberly's goal is to ensure that you get appropriate and effective legal representation in a timely fashion. Kimberly prides herself on providing excellent services to all her clients, regardless of the nature of the proceeding or the type of criminal charge. 

Kimberly is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Criminal Lawyers' Association, and the Simcoe County Lawyers Association

Kimberly Miles
Criminal Defence Lawyer

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